After School, Kids Discover Their Potential at the Y [release]

[Berwyn IL, 8/30/17] – A new school year is filled with potential---a chance to start new routines, build new friendships, and discover new interests. It is an exciting time for many kids, however---at the end of the school day, 11.3 million kids return to homes where they are unsupervised from 3 to 6 p.m., according … Continue reading After School, Kids Discover Their Potential at the Y [release]

History of the Y Movement [video]

Did you know that basketball and volleyball were created by YMCA directors? The Y was also the first organization to offer classes in English as a second language and to help new immigrants navigate American culture and resources. With an early mission of uniting the mind, body, and spirit so that individuals could advance themselves, … Continue reading History of the Y Movement 

Welcoming Week 2017 [event]

Welcoming Week promotes understanding and acceptance by bringing together immigrants and native-born residents in a spirit of unity.   At the Y, we believe communities are at their strongest when everyone feels valued, has support to reach their potential, and can fully participate in society. Today, there are more than 42 million foreign-born individuals living … Continue reading Welcoming Week 2017 [event]

Diversity and Inclusion [photo]

Graduating class of the YMCA school in Changsha, China, circa 1900.

Early YMCA leaders believed the character of an individual was the defining attribute that distinguished a potential member from the rest of the community. In theory, a focus on internal attributes allowed all members of society to join the YMCA, and as the American YMCA spread the movement to other nations, this was often the … Continue reading Diversity and Inclusion [photo]