Fundraising Madness

Just 20 days left until the marathon! We know you’re probably training like mad for the big race. So incredible.

There’s still plenty of time to hit your fundraising goal! One of the best ways to make sure this happens is to reach out to all your friends and family and ask ’em to give.

Let them know how hard you’re training and how in just a few weeks, you’ll be competing in one of the most amazing races ever.

Here’s a quick guide to raising $1,000 in just 11 days:


  • DAY 1 $100: Donate $100 to your own page
  • DAY 2 $200: Ask your significant other for $100
  • DAY 3 $250: Ask your nicest brother or sister for $50
  • DAY 4 $400: Ask 6 friends for $25 each
  • DAY 5 $525: Ask 5 acquaintances for $25
  • DAY 6 $575: Ask both of your neighbors for $25
  • DAY 7 $775: Ask 4 relatives for $50
  • DAY 8 $875: Ask your boss for $100
  • DAY 9 $975: Ask 4 people you work with for $25
  • DAY 10 $975: Rest for a day
  • DAY 11 $1,000: Ask an old teacher for $25

And here is a template for email messages that you really should send TODAY if you haven’t already used this method.

Dear Friends & Family,

There are just a few weeks until race day and I’m so excited to compete in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

As of today, I am {ENTER AMOUNT} away from my fundraising goal to support cancer survivors in the LiveSTRONG program at the Pav YMCA.

I can’t wait to cross the finish line and know I’ve accomplished a personal goal for myself, but I am just as excited about the impact being made in our community.

I can run, train, and sweat on my own, but I need your help to reach my ultimate fundraising goal.

To help, please Click Here {ENTER URL} to give. Every donation counts and I’ll love ya forever for making it happen.

Thank you for your support!


There’s also time to send a paper mailing that will net you donations by the last day to fundraise, November 10th. If you think your family and friends might respond to a letter better than an email, please share your contact list with me and we’ll personalize some letters for you! I’ll handle all the printing and mailing. We just need your fancy signature.

Please let Chloe or I know if you need help NOW…we can’t have you waiting until the last minute to train or fundraise! We truly care about your sanity and your health. 🙂

What do you think?

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